The AUTOLUXÉ Motorcar Card offers another way to experience the safety, reliability and premium luxury services for which we are recognized.

Our membership card is the perfect solution providing you with access to any motorcar, anywhere, and at any time. You simply purchase the hourly card that best suits your needs, and the rate is deducted from your AUTOLUXÉ Motorcar Card balance.

Cards can be purchased in multiples of 10, 25, 50 or 100 hours. There is added value for those clients who require chauffeured services on a frequent basis.

With the AUTOLUXÉ Motorcar Card you will:

· Make one single, all-inclusive, up front payment;

· Enjoy guaranteed availability of premium luxury   vehicles;

· Be able to exchange out vehicle types for ones that   best suit your needs;

· Receive discounted rates when you buy in multiples   of 50 - 100 hours;

· Experience unparalleled titanium level service.

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